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  • Q: Why do I have to be 6 weeks post natal (or 8 weeks for a C section?)
    A: By 6 weeks your body is considered to be back to 'normal'. By 'normal' we mean that everything has gone back to its correct anatomical position. In these 6 weeks your blood volume, uterus size and diaphragm will have all returned to their original size and place. Your body goes through a lot of changes over nine months, so we have to allow time for those changes to settle. The NHS recommends waiting until after your 6 week post natal check before resuming formal exercise. We recommend 8 weeks after a C section birth as it allows longer for wound healing.
  • Q: Can I bring more than one child?
    A: Of course! It’s not uncommon to see a mum with multiple children in our classes, and we will most certainly not charge you more for bringing an extra child! Once they find their confidence, you’ll often find that the older ones start to join in with you! We cannot stress enough that “postnatal” doesn’t mean “just had a baby”. You are classed as postnatal as soon as you become a mother. Whether that’s 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or 6 decades ago.
  • Q: What if my baby starts crying in class?
    A: Many Mums worry about their baby crying in class. But babies cry! If they are fed and clean and you know that there is nothing wrong with them - leave them be (if you want to). Please do not worry about being judged. We make every effort to ensure that classes are a safe, relaxed and friendly environment. We know it can be scary going somewhere with new people, but honestly, you are in a support network as soon as you step through those doors, we all get it! We’ve all been there or will be going there. Also we are so ingrained and focused on our own thing, chances are we haven’t even noticed There are plenty of adaptations to work out with a fussy babe, but we also have plenty of toys to offer, soft crinkle books, dangly toys for the playmats and much more, just ask!
  • Q: What exercise can I do before I'm 6/8 weeks post natal?
    A: If you're really keen to get started then we recommend gentle exercise like walking with your baby and pelvic floor exercises. Avoid running as this puts serious pressure on your joints and ligaments, not to mention your pelvic floor, all before your body is ready.
  • Q: What is Diastasis Recti?
    A: You'll see this term a lot on post natal workout websites! Diastasis Recti is the term for the separation of your rectus abdominal muscles, basically the two major muscles that run down your tummy. These two abdominal muscles hold in your internal organs and run along your abdomen from your chest all the way down to your pubic bone. The two muscles are connected by a piece of connective tissue in the middle called the linea alba. This connective tissue is where the separation occurs. How wide this diastasis (or separation) is determines if you need to modify your exercise routine for Diastasis Recti. We have to be very careful to take Diastasis into account when exercising, as some exercises can actually make it worse!
  • Q: I have no coordination! What sort of exercises do you do?
    A: You will not be expected to remember steps, or follow choreography. Just follow your instructor. Our main focus is using your own body weight with a huge range of exercises to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness. Your class will be different each week! Some classes will focus on specific muscle groups, some weeks we will add in resistance bands, ankle weights, wrist weights. No two weeks are the same. The great news is that you don’t have to be a ‘gym bunny’, there is something for everyone. Beginner to advance adaptations, we'll find what works for YOUR body at YOUR level.
  • Q: What if I need to miss a class?
    A: If you need to miss your class we will always do our best to fit you in at another one of our classes. It doesn’t need to be the same week that you missed the class, but it does need to be within the same term. Unfortunately we cannot roll classes over to the next course. Luckily, we offer multiple classes a week, most of them local to your chosen class. If you really cannot make it up, we’re now posting the workouts to our members only Facebook group so you can do it in your own living room.
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