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Strength In Mumbers was founded in 2021 by Ashleigh & Sophie, in the height of Covid lockdown.

With a shared passion for promoting healing in the post natal period, especially through exercise, Strength In Mumbers was born.

Our focus has always been on helping you regain and rebuild the strength of your post natal body.


We don't focus on weight loss or the idea of 'snapping back'.

What we do encourage is an understanding of your post natal body and how you can work with it to see it through this exciting journey, be you 6 weeks or 6 years post natal.

Black and white picture of Ashleigh Tomlin, cofounder of Strength In Mumbers

Sophie Abbott

Co Founder

Sophie runs the website and the behind the scenes stuff, and very occasionally you'll find her teaching classes too.

She has two children, Florence and Milo.

In her spare time you'll find Sophie in the kitchen, cooking or baking. Or you'll find her studying to add to her random collection of qualifications (which include chalet chef, event planner and flower arranging!).

Ashleigh Tomlin

Co Founder & Instructor

Ashleigh is our workout inventor/writer whilst also being our main instructor.

She has three children: Ella, Chloe and Alfie.

Her favourite place is by the sea. She used to despise olives and coffee but now loves them both, although you still won't find her eating a mushroom!

Her dream would be to buy a campervan, pack up the family and travel the world.

Black and white picture of Sophie Abbott, cofounder of Strength In Mumbers
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