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Baby crawling towards exercise instructor


Lucy Henry Milo (2).jpg

Lucy, Henry & Milo

I look forward to class every week!

Ashleigh has made me fall in love with exercise and I never thought I would say that.

I've always been self-conscious about my body but coming along to these classes is the best thing I have done.

Ashleigh is amazing at what she does, she puts every single workout together herself, modifying any move for low or high intensity.

​There is no pressure at all, exercising in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, Ashleigh gives you the confidence boost to believe you can push yourself that little bit further but always keeping focused that taking care of our bodies is the most important thing.

​I have known Ashleigh for quite a few years now and she is one of the nicest people I have met, she has become an amazing friend and my boys absolutely adore her!

Alice Olivia Mason.jpg

Alice, Olivia & Mason

These classes have absolutely transformed my maternity leave for the better, having my second child has at times been isolating due to lockdowns and these classes allow me to do something for me whilst knowing my baby is happy playing alongside me. It has fast become something to look forward to weekly, even though the workouts challenge me to push myself!

​Ashleigh is friendly, focused and really just wants us all to have fun whilst working out.

She creates a relaxed and friendly environment where everyone of all abilities is welcome. Her knowledge on post partum exercise and recovery is 1st rate and I have always felt the classes and exercises have been safe for me to do as they are tailored to post partum and often there are a variety of different options depending on ability.

I recommend these classes to everyone as a great way to work out at your own pace, meet other mums and have fun!

Jenni Dotty.jpg

Jenni & Dotty

We've been coming to Ashleigh's classes for two months now and I can honestly say I look forward to every Thursday!


Each week is different with new and varied exercises and having a safe space with lots to keep Dotty entertained is perfect. Ashleigh tailors each workout to our post partum needs and gets the balance between pushing us hard whilst taking care of our bodies just right!

​After spending the first four months of Dotty's life in lockdown, and living far from any family, finding this group has really helped me focus on my own well being and build up my confidence. 

​Thank you so much, bring on the next term!

Clare William Verity.jpg

Clare, William & Verity

Strength In Mumbers is like no exercise class I've ever been to before!


I don't dread going, in fact I get excited about putting my trainers on! I take my two children with me and we feel so welcomed at every class.

The atmosphere in the classes is so positive and it is nice to speak to other Mums since lockdown!

Ashleigh is simply amazing! She is a mum herself and so totally gets the post partum feeling. She is so knowledgeable and adapts every move to whatever feels comfortable whilst keeping it challenging.

Thank you Strength In Mumbers.

Charli Ellie.jpg

Charli & Ellie

I joined Strength In Mumbers as we were coming out of the third lockdown, after being recommended by a friend and I am SO glad I did!

​Being able to take my little one with me while I workout for 45 minutes makes me feel like some sort of incredible multi-tasking goddess, and being in a class full of other mums and their kids feels very comfortable and motivating.

​As for the exercise, I always come out of class sweaty and exhausted - it's a great workout with excellent variety, and Ashleigh somehow makes the whole thing completely enjoyable. I am so excited to go to class on a Monday morning (and I am not a natural fitness type).

​Ashleigh is incredible and really knows her stuff - and I was reassured from day one that my post baby body was being properly guided through carefully planned exercises.

Sophie Margot.jpg

Sophie & Margot

Margot and I love Strength In Mumbers! With having my daughter in the peak of lockdown, these classes have proven instrumental in being able to meet and socialise with other mums and babies.

Ashleigh's infectious personality never fails to welcome us in and fill every class with a 'can do' attitude. Always managing to push me just enough to 'feel the burn' whilst still carefully working to repair my post partum body.

Thanks to Strength In Mumbers not only have I slipped back into my pre-baby jeans but I've also discovered a passion for exercise that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.

Bella Honor.jpg

Bella & Honor

I would highly recommend Strength In Mumbers to any new (or not quite so new) Mums who are looking for a fun and friendly postnatal exercise class. I thoroughly enjoy going each week and love knowing I am exercising well in a safe environment.

Ashleigh is a wonderful teacher. Kind, compassionate and hugely knowledgeable - you are in very safe hands during her classes. 

She makes every lesson good fun but works you hard and you leave full of endorphins and ready to tackle the rest of day!

I'm so grateful that after the past 18 months of not being able to do much I now have Strength In Mumbers to look forward to each week.

Claire & Kaidi.jpg

Claire & Kaidi

I'm not a typical gym goer and the thought of exercising in groups usually make me want to run and hide.

I'm so pleased I took the plunge and since my first class I'm hooked. Ashleigh gives such a warm welcome, you can really feel her energy and enthusiasm whilst working out with her. I now enjoy exercising with others and even look forward to the challenges.

My daughter equally looks forward to going, it's so good to exercise whilst she enjoys the company of other children as it feels like we're both benefiting.

It's so easily become part of our weekly routine, I can really feel the happy hormones and my fitness has definitely improved.

Charlie & Rosie.jpg

Charlie & Rosie

I went alone to a trial session with a friend after the third lockdown and instantly loved it!!

After having my first baby in January this year, I hadn’t attended any classes previous to this which left me feeling extremely nervous, however Ashleigh created such a warm and welcoming environment I needn’t have worried, especially when it came to breastfeeding.

On the first session, Ashleigh checked my abdominal muscles noticing I still had a partial separation of the muscles. Since then she has given me guidance and support to ensure I get the most out of the sessions, continue to strengthen my core without injuring myself.

I thoroughly enjoy every session knowing that I’m doing something for me whilst knowing my baby is happily exploring and playing with other babies, building her social skills alongside.

Thank you so much.

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